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Veijo Hukka, 2005

Lähellä, mutta kaukana

I was born 1932 in Joensuu. In 1962 I moved first to Oulu and then after five years to Kempele. I'm married and our four children are adults now. My main job as a district manager of Shell Inc. lasted 31 years, until I left the job 1987.

As a painter I'm self taught, though during these years I have had private instruction from many artists in northern Finland. At first my style was naivism, but during 80s it turned slowly to symbolic-surrealism.

From the year 1969 I have taken part to many group exhibitions in as well as outside Finland. I have had private exhibitions from the year 1975, both in Finland and Sweden.

My paintings can be seen in collections of Oulu, Tampere, Espoo and Joensuu municipalities. Many banks and companies , the art museums of Oulu, Turku and Tornio cities and the government of Finland own few of my paintings. I have done public pieces of art for instance for comprehensive school of Kaukovainio, the university hospital of Oulu, the agency building of Kempele, and many other schools, companies and municipal agencies.

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